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Herbal Cleansing Lotion


Eliminates bad smells, calms and refreshes sore feet. Softens calluses and treats the skin.

Refreshes tired feet, softens calluses, prevents itching between the toes and foot fungus.

The lotion eliminates odors in a lasting way, makes the skin smooth and supple.

Contains a significant amount of natural essential oils of rosemary, alpine pine and lavender, in combination with other substances that take care of treating the skin, active ingredients with deodorizing and antiseptic properties and, finally, menthol, recognized for its refreshing properties.

For daily use: spray on the feet and massage in lightly. Pay particular attention to the heels and the spaces between the toes.

Ecological vaporizer that does not harm the environment.

Sprayer allowing the lotion to be projected in all directions.

Dermatologically tested.

Also suitable for diabetics.

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Herbal Cleansing Lotion

Herbal Cleansing Lotion