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Deodorant foot cream

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With manuka oil extract, for fresh feet for 24 hours.

The deodorant foot cream with its new fragrance contains highly concentrated extracts of manuka oil and micronized zinc oxide. Presented in the form of a cream, it eliminates strong odors from the feet for at least 24 hours while treating the skin with jojoba and aloe oils.

Manuka oil: used for the first time in foot care. Its components, which have many bactericidal and fungicidal properties, are particularly suitable for foot hygiene.
Micronized zinc oxide has antimicrobial properties and soothes and protects sensitive skin.
Aloe is bacteriostatic. It sanitizes, regenerates and hydrates the skin.
Jojoba oil, in the form of liquid natural wax, quickly penetrates the skin. It contains precious unsaturated fatty acids and stimulates the natural protective barrier of the skin. Used regularly, this slightly oily cream deodorizes the feet, keeps the skin supple and protects against fungal infections.

Tested under dermatological control.

Also suitable for diabetics.

Deodorant foot cream

Deodorant foot cream